Member Benefits

Member Benefits

As a Volunteer Firefighter of Montana and a member of the Montana State Volunteer Firefighter Association, you have access to benefits that are available to you and/or your department.

Montana Fire Service Mutual Aid Program

We got your back! Need help from another department to respond to an emergency? No problem. Set up a Montana Mutual Aid Response Plan before it's needed. And, just because you haven't had a chance to put a plan in place, you can still request for help from other departments, but remember proper approvals are still required. If you require assistance to go through the process or need to establish a mutual aid agreement, this procedure will guide you and provide you with contact information.

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Fire Plate

Firefighter Plate

Take pride in being a Firefighter and support the Association.  The MSVFFA has signed an agreement with the Montana State Fire Chiefs on sharing a portion of the revenue from the fire plate.  This is a great looking plate and is only offered to Firefighters. Display your Fire Plate proudly.

Just ask for them at your local licensing agent.

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Montana Public Vehicle Fueling Program

Save money with the Montana Public Vehicle Fueling Program.  If you are a public fire entity you can participate! Get a credit card to use for your fire vehicles and you don't pay the applicable State and Federal Fuel taxes. Visit the official state website under the General Services Division for up to date policies, application, and a list acceptable locations.

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MSVFFA Insurance Program with EMC Insurance

Information on how to get discounts on insurance for your fire department through the MSVFFA program with EMC Insurance.

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Montana 2003 Volunteer Firefighters' Compensation Act Handbook

This pension is for eligible Montana State Volunteer Firefighters. Visit the Montana Public Employee Retirement Administration website at for tools to help you calculate your retirement and update your beneficiary.

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Smoke Detector Distribution Programinstallalarmc1_3

Information on how to get free smoke detectors for your department to distribute to the general public - contact Jerry Brothers at

MSVFFA purchases a quantity of smoke detectors every year for member fire departments to distribute to the general public. The money for this program comes from dues and from the Fire Insurance program. Each department is limited to 20 detectors at a time. Funds are limited so the detectors are on a first come - first served basis.

If you would like more information please contact:

PO Box 1851
Hamilton, MT 59840
Phone: (406) 240-1320

National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) Insurance Program

NVFCSpecial Membership Offer:
With a special offer for you, available only to members of the Montana State Firefighters Association, you can become a part of this voice by joining the NVFC for only $15 per year per firefighter. This represents a 50% discount on NVFC membership. The NVFC also offers an additional membership within our EMS/Rescue Section for $15 per person.

NVFC Member Benefits:

•  A $10,000 AD&D double indemnity insurance policy through Provident Agency
•  Personalized membership card
•  Access to the Members-Only portion of the NVFC web site
•  Resources, training and other materials
•  Access and influence regarding federal legislative, regulatory and standards making efforts
•  Discounts on products and other services
How to Join:
Contact Travis Walker at
PO Box 1851
Hamilton, MT 59840

Montana - Workers Compensation

Volunteer firefighters are eligible for workers' compensation so long as the trustees of the fire district or the county choose to include them as employees. In this case, the volunteer's wages for the purposes of determining a disability benefit are considered to be the state average weekly wage multiplied by the number of volunteer hours divided by forty hours, subject to the state minimums and maximums.

Montana - Malpractice

Volunteer firefighters are not liable for any civil damages for acts or omissions of emergency care other than damages caused by gross negligence or by willful or wanton acts or omissions.