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"Break and Enter" by D. Sven Lindauer

American Firefighters Series Presents
"Smokey's Rescue" and "Break and Enter" Raffle

- Paintings by D. Sven Lindauer - Raffle¹

WIN one of these two original paintings, "Smokey’s Rescue" or "Break and Enter."

Each entry is $10 per painting.

To purchase your raffle ticket:

Online -

Credit Card - Call (406) 273-0729

Check - Make your check payable to AFS, LLC

Mail Checks to:

The American Firefighter Series
145 Apple Valley
Florence, Montana 59833

Multiple entries are encouraged for better odds of winning.

Drawing will be held on September 11. 2011. Location of Drawing TBA and will be drawn by a random person.

Officially sanctioned by the Montana State Volunteer Firefighters Association.


"Smokey's Rescue" by D. Sven Lindauer

Partial proceeds go to the MSVFFA and the Humane Society of Western Montana.

This raffle series entitles the bearer one chance to win (one) of two Original Oil paintings (with Certificate of Authenticity) to be raffled off on September 11th, 2011 with partial proceeds being donated to the MSVFFA and the Humane Society of Western Montana.

The American Firefighters Series is an on-going promotion to help raise funds for the MSVFFA and the Humane Society of Western Montana.

Limited edition canvas reproductions are available anytime.

To purchase your limited edition prints, go to

Montana Raffle Law

Raffle tickets must be sold to people within geographical boundaries of the State of Montana. Raffle ticket sales may not be conducted over the Internet. While raffles may be advertised over the Internet, such advertisement must explain all raffle terms, including the prohibition on Internet ticket sales and sales to people outside of Montana.

Except for non-profit organizations and schools, the value of any raffle prize may not exceed $5,000, and the prize must be owned by the person conducting the raffle prior to the sale of any raffle tickets.

¹These are not reproductions, but actual paintings by D. Sven Lindauer.

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